College Prep – What You WISH You Knew

We are hosting two focus groups this summer to better understand what you WISH you knew going into college (or what you want to know if you’re just getting ready to start).  Ideal participants may range in age from 18-24 and either be starting college soon or have been in college within the last 1-2 years.  FREE PIZZA for participants!!

Please join us for a 1 hr focus group on either June 25th at 7pm or June 28th at 6pm to share your thoughts and ideas! We’ll be curious what life skills you’d be looking for as part of a college prep program that you don’t learn anyplace else. Some sample topics may include issues related to mental health, physical health, substances, safety, relationships, student loans, etc.  We also welcome people to simply fill out the survey even if they are not able to attend.

RSVP and/or complete survey here!