We hope this note finds you and your family well!  As of right now, WE ARE STILL ALL TELEHEALTH AND WILL REMAIN PRIMARILY TELEHEALTH IN THE NEAR FUTURE.  As most of us are adjusting to this new and ever-changing reality, we want to continue to be a resource for you in whatever way we can be.  At the same time, we are wanting to be very careful about our return to offering in-office appointments.  We will be piloting a couple of appointments this May to try and estimate our supply needs and test our protocols based on what is recommended both at the state and federal levels.  Ultimately, we will not open our doors until we can keep sanitary supplies stocked, and we feel we can provide a physically and emotionally safe space for you and your loved ones as well as for our staff.  


We will continue to update you as impactful orders and guidance come through, and your clinician will let you know when it is an option for you to schedule an in-person visit. Below is a link to the Ohio Department of Health guidelines for re-opening.  Being that 6 ft distance is difficult to achieve in our current office space and masks may create a barrier to effective therapy, we want you to know we are taking your health and safety seriously as we establish when and how to compliantly and safely offer in person appointments.  Here is a link to some recommended protocols in Ohio.


In case you are wondering what we’re considering so far before clients and clinicians are able to enter the office, some of the likely changes you’ll se may be:

  • Screening for symptoms and recent travel (no entry within 14 days)
  • Waiting for appointments in your car – no lobby usage
  • Prohibiting food (unless part of treatment) and using your own containers that you bring and take with you for water/drinks
  • Not accepting cash/check payments to minimize shared touch surfaces
  • All parties washing hands prior to and after session
  • Doors propped open to prevent your need to touch handles
  • No emotional support animals permitted
  • Staggered scheduling to allow for between session cleaning as well as minimizing hallway sharing


In the meantime, please feel free to share any thoughts or ideas you may have about what services you may find helpful and we’ll do our best to help meet your needs!


Thank You! — Your LWL Family

Here is a link with some more information about our system and tips for using Telehealth: Telehealth at Life Worth Living, LTD


Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns!


Please refer to for updated national information, and for Ohio specific information.


Thank you!

The LWL Team