Eating Disorder Treatment

Self-worth is the sense of one’s own value as a person. You express your self-worth in the way you treat yourself, in how well you understand yourself, and in how you accept your feelings. When there is a disturbance in self and body image, a few particular disorders are becoming more and more common with men and women alike.

We know that in Westernized societies there is pressure for men and women to be a certain weight or shape; thinness is idealized and fatness is stigmatized. In order to achieve a certain standard, most people who diet due so because of a dissatisfaction with their bodies. For some people however, their attempt to regulate their eating and weight gets out of control. Once an eating disorder has developed it can easily become entrenched and difficult to change, becoming the leading cause of death above any other mental illness. Unfortunately, there is no single cause. Temperament, social factors, family dynamics, environmental stressors, cultural factors, and biology (of which accounts for 60-80%; a greater heritability than Schizophrenia) all contribute to the etiology.

More commonly exhibited however are disordered eating patterns affecting 50% of the population. These obsessions and subsequent behaviors can create distress and lead to a poor self-worth if the desired goal is not obtained and sustained.

If you’re ready to take your first step, or are in the middle of your journey through recovery, please let our professionals assist you along the way. We provide a warm, encouraging environment to promote positive life change laying the foundation for your continued progress. Learn more by taking our Eating Disorder Questionnaire.

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* If you think you might suffer from an eating disorder it is important that you also talk to your doctor, as there are many physical complications that can arise.