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Currently, we are looking for:


We are able to support a dependently licensed counselor, or any other independently licensed clinician.  While we are specifically looking to add competencies in addictions and issues related to sexuality and gender to our team, we are open to chatting with anyone who feels like they might be a good match for our mission.  We are also looking to add Friday/Saturday hours to our team, so it’s a bonus if you’re willing to dedicate hours on those days!  We do have benefits available to clinicians who are able to dedicate 30+ hours per week.  More details are available upon interview.

Student (practicum or intern):

LWL would be interested in being a secondary site for your initial partnership with us.  The first semester you work with us, we prefer to focus on involving you in our groups and orienting you to private practice while we discover together the types of clients you feel competent to work with.  Other opportunities will include frequent consultation in topics such as diagnosis and treatment, eating disorders, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy.  There would also be opportunities for sitting in on therapy sessions when permitted by clients, families, and therapists who are willing to participate in our teaching program.  As deemed appropriate by your supervision team (which includes you!), you would be referred individual clients of your own.  The second semester of partnership would be decided and formed based on your first semester, can include pay, and would allow our private practice to be your primary site, and involve the opportunity to see individual clients on a regular basis at your and your supervisor’s discretion.

Prescriber – ANP, FNP, MD, DO

We are looking to add medication management (at a minimum) and the ability to address physical symptoms that relate to our clients’ treatment in-house.  Ideally, we would love to work with a provider who can prescribe (and unprescribe) most psychotropic medications, help evaluate clients with history of eating disorders for outpatient stability, and order labs to determine continued fitness for outpatient care when necessary.  There may also be opportunity for other tandem work with our dietitian to help determine if clients are meeting health goals (via labs and PE or physician referral).

Events Calendar

**If interested in networking as a Cincinnati Wellness Consultant please feel free to contact us.  We feature and honor our colleagues in referrals and in our office by spotlighting your services and materials in communal spaces. We would love to meet with you to see how we can work together for our clients!