Cincinnati Wellness Consultants

You may have received some outreach from us!  We are working continuously to identify and build referral partnerships to address all the needs of our clients. We seek to grow our multi-disciplinary team of Cincinnati Wellness Consultants (CWC) both inside and outside of our practice who are committed to working as hard as our clients to manage and/or improve their care.  To us this means several things, including but not limited to the following:

  • Regular professional communication and consultation
  • Referrals to people whose work with which we are familiar and therefore can refer to with purpose and confidence
  • Opportunities for training and education
  • Opportunities for crossover groupwork with clients

The benefits of our CWC network allow our clients and patients to receive comprehensive and collaborative care. Ongoing communication between providers is imperative in catching opportunities for change, along with increasing accountability among clients, families, and care providers in carrying out plans for further progress. We also hope that this lessens the requests for clients to re-live and re-explain their concerns, symptoms, and history.  We want them to have access to care providers through this network for any of their health and wellness needs, with professionals who 1) we have met in person, 2) show commitment to regular consults, and 3) we trust to have our clients’ best interest at heart.

Please contact us to inquire about our CWC network and how we can help you and your clients or patients.