Young Adult Skills Class

“Emerging Adults” aged 18-24* often are often full of desire and/or paralyzing fear to catapult into independent adulthood.  This course utilizes DBT skills and age-appropriate examples to help clients learn to better handle crisis, tolerate stress, control their emotions, and communicate more effectively to foster the transition into becoming an independent adult.


What: An 8-10 week course covering for young adults looking to improve their emotional and behavioral regulation.

Where: LWL

Who: Young Adults, approx age 18-24

When: Thursdays


How to Sign Up:  email about “Young Adult Skills Class”


Cost: $135 for initial 60 min assessment, purchase own book prior to start

$60 per class session


  • Two 30-minute individual consultations.  One mid-way through, and another post-class.  Intent is to cover missed material if absent, provide feedback from both sides, and discuss any questions that are not appropriate to address in the group setting.