Couples Counseling

Maintaining a relationship can be a difficult process as life happens both independently and together. It is common that one or both parties may express feeling unheard, dismissed, or targeted throughout the course of the relationship. As work, children, finances, family, and friends compete for our attention, a couple’s relationship can suffer.  Overtime if problems are left unresolved, conflict continues, and/or communication efforts fail, participating in therapy can be an effective process towards healing.  Couples counseling addresses the partnership, providing a safe and unbiased space for identifying the core areas of pain and forgotten values that affect attachment.  Once focus is established, counseling together can aid in the reconciliation of conflicts and preservation of shared values by providing partners with new skills. The process of making change is not always easy, but with time and consistent efforts, couples can rekindle passion, improve communication, and rebuild the friendship and cornerstones that brought them together.

Individual therapy may also be recommended to aid in full recovery of the relationship.