Our Team

Why Choose LWL? What Makes Us Different?

  • As soon as you walk through our doors, our goal is to make you feel as comfortable as possible. You are taking a big step, so if you find yourself anxious or apprehensive about coming in, we hope our atmosphere sets the stage for a positive experience.
    *for photos of our office space, go to the Resources tab and click on For Clients
  • We value consultation. We have several opportunities during the week to consult with each other and members of your treatment team to ensure comprehensive and collaborative care. We willingly set aside time to ensure the treatment you are receiving is current, evidence-based, and supports progress in the achievement of your goals.
  •  We are passionate about outreach! We are continually working to de-stigmatize mental illness. We are out in the community spreading awareness, increasing education, and offering hope for recovery.
    *for info on our outreach events, go to the Resources tab, click on For Clients, then click Events Calendar
  • We want to be your LAST FIRST STOP. We work hard to identify community providers who share our values and offer alternative and supplemental treatment to ensure your needs are met. We do not give up on our clients.                       *for more about our community partnerships, go to the Resources tab and hover over For Therapists then click on Cincinnati Wellness Consultants to the right

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