Marisa Steinmanis, Clinical Intern


A troubled mind can be quite a burden.  I have always felt the secret to a happy, prosperous life is balance.  When a person is balanced in mind, body, and soul, they are better equipped to take on life’s challenges.  Life can be difficult, and we cannot always plan for the things that come our way.  However, with a focus on positive changes in multiple aspects of your life, I believe we can work together to strengthen your ability to handle current and future hardships.  To me, this is part of my passion in striving to define what “wellness” means, both globally, and from person to person.  I believe this multifaceted focus on wellness in mental health can be a wonderful supplement and in some cases even an alternative to traditional medical treatment.


As a clinical intern at Life Worth Living, LTD, I hope to focus on helping you achieve balance in your life under the supervision of Patti Baker, M.Ed. LPCC-S.  Using a strength-based approach, I will help you work through your issues as well as coach you on how to maintain and improve wellness in your life.  It’s my goal to collaborate with you to overcome challenges and become a more complete and content person.  Together we will work on empowering you to make desired changes by setting small and reachable goals.  I plan to use my relentless positivity, creativity, and holistic perspective to help you enjoy the journey and discover your picture of “wellness.”

Some other benefits to you during my clinical internship include reduced rates and my supplemental passion project of connecting with other wellness providers in the Cincinnati area!  What does this mean for you?  It means that I can provide services for as low as $25/session (with complete confidentiality from insurance companies and/or your employers that may provide that insurance), and that I may sometimes be able to connect you with other discounted services from colleagues as we make connections!

Marisa Steinmanis
Clinical Intern


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