Valerie Young, PhD, RDN, LD

valerie (2)My desire and enthusiasm to help people achieve a healthy life style through nutrition began with running. I grew up in Dublin, Ireland where I initially discovered that passion. I came to the US on a running scholarship where I achieved success in collegiate and post-collegiate competition. I earned my PhD in Nutritional Sciences followed by training as a Registered Dietitian. I understand, first-hand, the importance of nutrition in wellness, for the athlete, and as a critical component of healing.

My clinical experience is wide and includes critical care in cardiac, neurology and general surgery settings. I have worked in endocrinology, bariatrics, and served as a consultant for several running teams. I am passionate about nutrition and exercise, whether recreational, critical care, or competitive, and can help you attain health and wellness in a manner that is individualized to your needs and your lifestyle. I will help you decipher the media-laden information on nutrition and wellness. My practice is science-based and not media driven. Whether you are struggling with your diet, your weight, or wanting to be the best in your sport, I can help you understand your own personal needs. I will simplify the science for you so that you are well informed, empowered, and confident in knowing that your nutrition is the best for you. As an individual with daily demands, your needs are unique. No one diet fits-all, and for optimal health, your nutritional counseling must and will be customized. Feeling good, healthy, and energetic makes life worth living to its fullest.

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The Trails

Valerie Young, PhD, RD, LD
Doctor of Nutritional Sciences, Registered & Licensed Dietitian
License No: LD.5802