We have a few spcial offerings over the summer for those who want to try and fit in a little empowerment while school is out!  A couple of them are condensed versions of our standard groups, and others are totally new!  Please fill out this survey if you might be interested in any of the groups so we can utilize your input in planning the times for the next round!

3 Questions for Summer Programs

DBT Condensed Summer Series: A 5-6 week crash course where college-aged students will learn behavioral skills to manage stress, emotions, communications, and practice mindfulness.  It is not required that participants be enrolled in college, only preferred that participants can relate well to the age group.  Class requires assessment to begin. $450 for the course

Voices (click here for description): class re-opens in early/mid August and requires a brief screening to begin.  $30/class

The Body Project (click here for description)class re-opens in mid/late August and requires a brief screening to begin.  $169 covers the screening and all sessions of class

College Prep Panel Discussion:  A team of experts in their field join together to talk with college-aged kids about issues they’re unlikely to learn about in school.  The team will both inform, field questions, and lead discussion about topics including but not limited to mental health, physical health, sexual health, legal protection, financial decision-making, etc. Date and time TBD.