In Ohio, therapists who pursue their masters degree in clinical mental health and a license in clinical counseling must have a supervisor for a minimum of two years.  While they are still finishing their degree, they complete a 600-hour supervised internship.  Before they can apply for their provisional license, they must complete their degree, their internship as well as pass a licensure exam.  Once they earn their provisional license, they must practice for a minimum of 2 years and 3000 hours with a designated supervisor, to whom their license is attached.  The supervisor is meant to continue guiding the supervisee in the diagnosis and treatment of mental health disorders, and ultimately, to endorse them in obtaining their independent license.

At Life Worth Living, our clinical & consulting supervisor is Patti Baker, M.Ed., LPCC-S, and we have two resident supervisors, Joanna Q Allen, MA, LPCC-S, and soon to be Katie Bosse, MA , LPCC.  We prefer for supervision candidates to meet with the supervision team to try and foster supervising relationships as fits best with the group.  This allows candidates to become savvy.


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